58th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, California Great Outdoors

2018 Featured Callers

Jack Pladdys
Indian Springs, Ohio
  Jerry Story
Fairfield, Iowa
Jack Pladdys

Jack began calling in 1982 while serving as a member of the US Air Force. During an assignment at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, he launched his calling career in his off duty time with two local clubs. Upon moving to Dayton, Ohio in 1983, Jack called regularly for an Advanced and three Plus clubs. It was in Ohio that Jack had the fortune of meeting Chuck & Bobbie Myers. Chuck became Jack's "mentor" and helped him learn the craft of calling not only from the technical aspect but also from the importance of being a positive influence and striving to better the activity as a whole. Jack attributes his success and accomplishments 100% to the role modeling and teachings of Chuck & Bobbie.

Jack moved to Utah in 1989 where he again worked regularly for an Advanced and three Plus clubs. Jack retired from the Air Force in 1992 and relocated to Ohio. He and Sherry were married July 14, 1995. Together they spend the week managing a very busy home program calling and teaching for A-Sharps, the Frontier Squares, the Skirts & Shirts, and the Venus & Mars Square Dance Club. In addition, they staff several weekends and travel regularly in the eastern half of the United States. He has taught beginner lesson classes every year since he started calling in 1982. He is currently teaching two beginner classes, an A2 class, and a C1 class. Jack believes the existence of Square Dancing is solely dependant upon all callers staying passionate about the craft and activity and dedicated to always teaching new dancers every year.

Jack works as the Materials & Logistics Manager for Pioneer Automotive Technologies of Springboro, Ohio. Collectively, Jack & Sherry have six children and twelve grandchildren stretched out from Ohio to Florida to Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Jack has traveled and called extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, the Middle East and Europe. He has been on staff of the World Convention in Austria, the Hawaiian State Convention, the International Singles Convention in Canada, Fontana resort in North Carolina, English Mountain resort in Tennessee, and is currently on staff at Pride Resort in North Carolina. Jack and Sherry also call for and administrate several weekends and festivals yearly including Ohio's Smokin' In Rail City, Indiana's Spring Extravaganza, and the Florida Winter Festival.

Jack recorded with Chicago Country Records. He is a member of the Miami Valley Callers Association, the Cincinnati Callers Association, and CALLERLAB. He has served terms as President of the Miami Valley Callers Association and the Northern Utah Callers Council. Jack has worked on education panels at CALLERLAB and National Conventions and has conducted many caller training seminars and clinics. He serves as the Central US Leader for Grand Square, Inc., and aspires to obtain his caller coaching accreditation through CALLERLAB

Jack and Sherry reside in the small community of Indian Springs nestled between Hamilton and Middletown, Ohio just off Ohio State Route 4. Jack calls and very much enjoys teaching Basic through C1 Square Dancing. He also excels at presenting easy teach squares, lines for private “one-niter” parties.

Jack is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

  Jerry Story

Jerry began calling in 1969 at the age of fourteen in Fairfield, IA. During the early 1970s he taught many classes and traveled throughout the Tri-State area of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri.

In 1976, he married his high school sweetheart, Kristy, who was in his second beginner class. Two children, Joshua and Jacob, soon followed and his career picked up momentum. He found himself touring full time calling dances and festivals coast to coast and in a dozen different countries.

Early in his career he traveled to Saudi Arabia ten consecutive years calling for several Western companies. Many recordings of Jerry's calling and teaching were made during these tours. Jerry also called each year in Riyadh for the Swedish Telephone company, known at that time as, Phillip Ericcson. A very special lady from this group, Anne Catherine Glimcoft, took the teaching tapes produced during these tours and distributed them throughout Sweden and from there these tapes made there way around the world.

Due to this distribution and the devotion of Anne Catherine, her husband Juergen and many of their friends Modern Western Square Dancing exploded in Sweden and other places around the world. Many young Swedish callers learned to call from these recordings and are still calling today.

Jerry and Kristy raised their sons in Mission, Texas while operating a very exciting square dancing program at the Peppermint Palace in El Valle Del Sol RV Park since 1983. There he holds classes, workshops, and dances from beginners through C-1. In the spring of 2002, Jerry and Kristy, along with lifetime friend and business partner Tony Oxendine, opened Pride RV Resort in Maggie Valley, NC. Jerry and Kristy have several Maggie Valley Square Dance Vacation weeks to chose from Check out the 2015 Line up. Click here Pride Dance Schedule They are extremely proud of the new PRIDE CENTER, a 3000 sq. ft. floating hardwood floor ballroom with 2 beautiful stone fireplaces and built in concert sound. You're all invited! Come see us!

Jerry has been co-owner of Royal Records since 1985 and has numerous hit records to his credit. His gospel CD "Wings of a Dove", recorded in Nashville. has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Jerry is proud to have been part of the McAllen Callers Association and promoting McAllen, TX as the Square Dance Capital of the World by holding the "World's Largest Beginner Classes." He has also served as a Board of Governors member in CALLERLAB and is dedicated to the preservation of Modern Western Square Dancing. He says the secret will be creating a more sustainable direction for the activity.

Jerry is both BMI and ASCAP licensed.

Eric Henerlau
Corte Madera, California
  Darryl Lipscomb
Mission, Texas
Eric Henerlau

Eric Henerlau has been teaching and calling Modern Square Dancing since 1980. Eric has taught thousands of people how to square dance through classes and individual party dance events. He is an accomplished caller at all levels from beginners through C2. Eric also cues Phase III level Square Dance rounds. He serves on the Board of Governors of Callerlab and is the Vice Chair of the Plus Committee.

Eric travels throughout North America, Europe and Japan calling for open dances, festivals, and private parties. He has also created and led programs in schools teaching thousands of students the basics of Modern Square Dancing.

Eric has a home program calling each week for the Tam Twirlers in San Rafael, CA, and the Outlaws in San Jose, CA.

By day Eric is an independent insurance broker/agent with Anixter & Oser in Novato, CA.

Eric is both BMI and ASCAP licensed.

  Eric Henerlau

Darryl calls Basic thru C3B. He is full-time, traveling, recording artist, caller seminars, one night stands, and a Callerlab member.

Darryl Lipscomb began square dancing at the age of twelve, and made calling his full time profession in 1978. Darryl conducts a winter program, In Mission, Texas, for all the "Winter Texans" who choose to spend their winters in the "Tropics" of the Rio Grande Valley. He calls a full range of programs, beginners thru C-3 and is also one of the staff callers for the "Worlds largest beginner class", and the "South Texas Jamboree" in McAllen, Texas. During the summer months, he travels extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries, calling many festivals, weekends, and week-long institutes. Among his favorites are Kirkwood Lodge, where no dancing or calling career is complete, until you've attended a week at this historical square dance destination! Darryl, has recorded on several different square dance record labels and is currently a "Staff Caller" for Global Music Productions.

Darryl is both BMI and ASCAP licensed.

Rob French
Sunnyvale, California
Rob French

Rob calls Mainstream thru C-4 in the San Francisco Bay Area and travels throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan.

He has been calling Challenge since 1993. Rob is available for dances, weekend, conventions and challenge weekends. Hepecializes in challenging (but danceable) choreography.

Rob is both BMI and ASCAP licensed and a member of Callerlab.

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