58th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, California Great Outdoors

Welcome to the 2018 California State Square Dance Convention Committee page

General Chairman Marvin Fishman (818) 269-1676 Secretary Sally Schmidt
Co-Chairman Bonnie Abramson (916) 213-3640 Door Registration Sharon and Gilbert Leon
Treasurer Cherie Olgesby (951) 514-1229 Decorations Sharon Twomey, Ken Twomey
Registration Beckie Edson Moore (909) 238-9721 Decorations Anita Hopkins
Facilities Dick Howard (916) 212-0170 Decorations Marie and Rudy Rutenschroer
Fashion Show Cindy & Carl McLaren (619) 890-4058 Decorations Nancy & Rod DeGan
Historian Cherie Olgesby (951) 514-1229 Decorations Tom & Tricia Lucas
North Co-Publicity Sue Kabage, Dennis Grohnke Central Co-Publicity Steve & Joyce Kay
Silent Auction Katie Pearce Trails End Dance Whitney Rose and Stanley
Sound Scott Pearce (916) 606-5592 Sound Dan Rife
Vendors Linda McCracken   Ice Cream Social LuEllen Pettengell, Rick
Wagonmaster Dick and Joy Howard (916) 212-0170 Wagonmaster, Asst. Mike Barnes & Vicki Jackson
Webmaster Morrie & Keron Weisbart  

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