58th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, California Great Outdoors

2018 Featured Cuers

Gus & Lynn DeFore
Camarillo, CA
  Rey and Sherri Garza
San Diego, California
Gus & Lynn DeFore

Gus & Lynn met in March 1966 at the “Cinnamon Cinder” a teen dance club in Long Beach California. Gus’s ship the “U.S.S. Towers DDG-9” was in Long Beach for repairs before heading to Vietnam. Lynn was 17 & Gus was 21. In June 1966 Gus sailed to Vietnam. Gus was awarded the "Vietnam Service Medal" and the "Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal" when his ship was sent down river in the Rung Sat Special Zone to participate in Naval gunfire in direct support of ground operations.

Gus separated from the Navy in September with the rating of (STG-2) Sonarman second class (E5). Gus & Lynn were married on October 22, 1966. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on October 22, 2016. While raising their four children and continuing their Girl Scout co-leader duties, Gus & Lynn took their first square dance class in 1980 & first round dance class in 1983. Gus began cueing for square dance clubs in 1991. Gus & Lynn taught their first round dance class in 1994.

They released their first dance in 1994 “That’s The Jingle Bell Rock” a phase 2 two-step. They have taught and cued at several conventions and weekends, including Hawaii State, Bakersfield Fiesta, Oxnard Jamboree, Del Mar and others. They were the Round Dance Coordinators for the 2001 National Square Dance Convention. They still cue for two square dance clubs in the Ventura county area.

Gus & Lynn co-organized the “Cam-A-Lot Round Dance Club” with Finn & Birthe Hofler in 1989. The Cam-A-Lot Round Dance Club is still going strong today. They have released dance choreography for 43 dances including Cha Cha, Jive, Meringue, Waltz, Two-Step, Slow Two-Step, Foxtrot & Rumba.

Gus & Lynn have been hosting yearly dance & friends of dancers’ cruises & bus trips since 1999. In 2017 they are hosting "Cruising the Riviera's" which will visit the French & Italian reviera's. The cruisers will also have the opportunity to vacation in Venice Italy. Call Lynn for details.

They cue Phase II thru Phase VI are Roundalab members, BMI and ASCAP licensed. They cue for Simi Valley CA Happy Squares and Thousand Oaks CA Buckles and Bows square dance clubs.

  Rey & Sherry Garza

Rey Garza has over 30 years of choreographed ballroom dance teaching experience. He is an internationally known cuer who introduced Bachata to the round dance community. Rey has choreographed many dances and teaches at all levels. Sherry Garza has over 20 years of ballet, tap and jazz experience. She quickly excelled in ballroom dance with her dance background. Sherry also choreographs dances and assists in teaching at all levels.

Rey and Sherry are members of the San Diego Round Dance Instructors, Roundalab and ICBDA.

In addition to current teaching and dance events, Rey and Sherry are available for private lessons and parties in social dancing, Round Dance, and Square and Round Dance Festivals. Please contact Rey or Sherry Garza at (760) 458-6418 or e-mail reycuer@reygarza.com

Check out our choreography for Espana Cani - Phase VI Paso Doble on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h-JUvjV8AA Find our Cue Sheets under 'Links' and 'Choreographed Dances' tabs

They are licensed through BMI and ASCAP.

Bill & Leslie Rebik
Atascadero, California
  Sharon and Casey Parker
Manteca, California
Bill and Leslie Rebik

Leslie and Bill originally met through the Poly Twirlers Square Dance Club while both were students at Cal Poly State University. Leslie’s dance history included Ballet, Ballroom, Disco, and Country Western, while Bill’s dance background was primarily Square Dance and Country Western. When their paths crossed again in 2003 at a Contra Dance, they discovered a common love of dance – and each other. Married in 2004, Bill and Leslie began dancing together regularly in the Square Dance and Country Western communities.

Later that year, a few Cal Poly students asked Leslie to be their advisor in the newly formed Cal Poly Country Line Dance Club. As advisors, Leslie and Bill regularly teach Line Dance, Partner Patterns, and freestyle Country Two-Step, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Country Swing. That little club has grown to 100+ members, who now dance with 600+ students every week.

Leslie and Bill have had the pleasure of teaching at local, regional, state, and national Square Dance events. They also share their passion for dance with others by hosting several “Barn Dances” each year for their church and student communities. And, they can frequently be found at the various Square Dance after parties, encouraging others to get up and try something new!

Leslie is BMI/ASCAP licensed.

  Sharon and Casey Parker

Casey & Sharon met at a square dance beginners hoe-down in January of 1971. Sharon began cueing and teaching rounds in 1975 while at the same time Casey began calling squares. Sharon currently has workshops covering phases I-VI. They have written many dances such as Sh-Boom, Gardenia Tango, Walkin’ & Talkin’, American Boogie, I Want a Love That Will Last, In the Mood, Bare Footin’ and Penny Arcade after which their Round Dance club is named

They have been the featured Round Dance Instructors at many festivals throughout the United States. They were on staff at the McCloud Dance Country Square and Round Dance Vacationland in Northern California for over 25 years , with their own week long dancer and new/beginning teacher clinics. They have taught at many State and National Conventions and have been clinicians at several ROUNDALAB conventions. Sharon and Casey are members of several local associations and are Charter members of ROUNDALAB. They have served on both the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Roundalab. They have served as chair-couple of many ROUNDALAB committees including Video Education Materials, Curriculum-handbook for Teacher Training and Convention Education. During their tenure as Video chair-couple they worked to oversee the production of the current ROUNDALAB Video Demonstration Tapes and the Addendum tapes. When you meet Sharon you might recognize her “voice”, but not her face, as hers was the voice on the videos.

They have been part of the Square and Round Dance movement for 43 years, providing leadership for over 37 of those years, but most importantly, making friends across the country. They enjoy dancing and hope their enthusiasm is contagious.

They are licensed through BMI/ASCAP.

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