58th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, California Great Outdoors

2018 California State Square Dance Convention Fashion Show

Date: Saturday April 21, 2018

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Location:. Franklin Hall

Come see the outfits for future conventions and outfits made by dancers. Enjoy a great show. If you are interested in participating, please contact Cindy McLaren. Please see below for contact info.

Fashion Show Models Needed

WHEN/WHERE: The 2018 Yuba City Fashion Show will be held Saturday morning, April 21 10:30-AM - Noon. Please arrive in your outfit and ready to go no later than 10:00 at Franklin Hall

WHO: Singles, couples or groups are welcome.

WHAT: Our theme is “Calendar Girls”. Any holiday, season, special occasion outfit or any upcoming or previous square dance festival official outfits. Homemade, purchased, even Recycled Ruffles are welcome. And don’t feel limited to traditional square dance attire, either. Show us what you like to wear to dance.

DETAILS: Feel free to share details about the outfit, whatever you see fit. If you can, we’d also love to have a “story” that relates. It could include your dancing history, how you designed or bought the outfit, how you met your partner, a holiday story, family traditions, hobbies, etc., etc.!

Please don’t let this be intimidating. I’ll be happy to help. If you don’t write much, I may contact you for more details. If you write a lot it may be necessary to edit for the time allotted.

If, at all possible, please email all information and questions.

CONTACT: Cindy & Carl McLaren
(619) 890-4058

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